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Green Financing

MPACT is constantly exploring ways to diversify our financial sources and enhance financial flexibility by seizing trends in sustainable financing. As part of our commitment to further integrate ESG goals into our financial approach, we have established the Green Finance Framework (the “Framework”), prepared in line with the Green Bond Principles (2021) and the Green Loan Principles (2021). The setting up of the Framework demonstrates our intent to enter into Green Finance Transactions (“GFTs”) such as green loans and green bonds to fund projects that will deliver environmental and social benefits. The Framework outlines the criteria and guidelines for MPACT and its subsidiaries to allocate and manage the proceeds raised from the GFTs. We believe this will help us secure funding from like-minded capital providers who share our belief in making a positive impact to the environment and the society.

• Green Financing Framework

• Assurance Report dated 2 September 2022 (Green Finance Framework and Green Bond Pre-Issuance Assurance)

• Assurance Report dated 31 January 2024 (Green Bond Post-Issuance Assurance)

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