Key Facts
Developing for success and sustainability
Ethical Business Conduct

The Group is committed to conducting its business in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations, in an ethical manner. Mapletree has voluntarily subscribed to some of the core principles set out in the Code of Corporate Governance issued by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. More information about the Group’s corporate governance can be found here.

Whistleblowing Policy

Mapletree has a Whistleblowing Policy that provides an avenue for employees and external parties to raise concerns about illegal, unethical, or otherwise inappropriate behaviour observed in the course of our businesses. The reporting channels are handled with confidential safeguards to ensure that whistleblowers are protected from reprisals or victimisation if reports are made in good faith or are not malicious.

Anti corruption 

The Group recognises that our operations in various geographies and engagement with multiple stakeholders in our business activities exposes us to the risks of bribery and corruption. The Group has a zero-tolerance policy towards bribery and corruption and we take precautionary measures to address such risks. Our policies relating to anti-corruption, the prohibition of bribery, acceptance or offer of lavish gifts or entertainment are strictly enforced. In addition, our employees are required to adhere to the Group's policies and procedures relating to the code of ethics and conduct, conflict of interest and dealing in Mapletree-listed securities.

To read more about our Code of Conduct and Whistleblowing policies, please visit this page.